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A few comments from various workshops

"Dynamite! Excellent speaker and I learned a lot — helpful in working with my candidates." " I want to be better at giving hope”  "Wonderful! personal experience was very valuable — bless you! What you do!”  "Mary is a very good speaker who weaves the tale of her life, past and present, into a very inspirational presentation.”  “Great openness & honesty.”  “Her personal story was a very valuable aspect that I took from the training.”  “Personal stories was very valuable and are a inspiration to others, you have overcome a lot in your life.”  "The most valuable aspect was speaking to the question about what we, as ‘Service Providers’, can offer to our "clients" to really hear them and truly help them.”  “Her heartfelt approach to telling her story is very moving! She did a wonderful job.”  "I think she did an excellent job.”  Most valuable aspect was your personal experience and I appreciate the inspiration it came from your heart.”  “The training strongly met my expectations.”  “Sharing of your personal stories was the most valuable aspect of the training.”  ‘Everything! It was given by someone who "lived it" — I'm not a service provider; however, you made me "see the light" I will look at this from a totally different perspective from now on. Thank you so much.”  “Your story was very valuable, not only what happened but feelings, impressions, reactions.”  “I appreciate your honesty and direct approach — thank you for helping others in their struggles..

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