We all face challenges in this life and at times we feel overwhelmed and become fearful and unsure of our fate.  When we are emotionally shipwrecked it can be extremely difficult to rise above the storms. We can have education, social skills, good physical health and what we thought were all the keys for success and yet, through some of our life events and circumstances we find ourselves in the pain of despair.
How ever we get there, whether through bad choices, or through unavoidable losses, addictions, guilt, grieving, shame, fear or depression, we end up in so much pain we just can’t seem to get a hold on life.

Women Planting Seeds Provides support for those of us who forgot that even though times are hard – “we are still somebody” and “life is still worth living”.

When there is a support system in place we know we won’t sink.  When there is positive motivational support we have light at the end of the tunnel and we begin to carry on.  While we are being encouraged and healing takes place we remember that we too have dreams and there is hope of achieving them.

When we have lost our way and our society passes a hand out and a kick in the pants, more than ever we need some one to really care, someone to acknowledge that we not only exist but we have a right to meaningful life.  Once we get that emotional support and are taught the disciplines that we need to survive, we begin our life journey again.  This time we are stronger and smarter and grateful and so we reach out to others in despair.

Women Planting Seeds is all about helping and being that support system.  In this life, there are times when we need compassion from the hand that helps us up.  When we are nurtured and are in pursuit of our dreams we are more than willing to become Women Planting Seeds.

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