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About Women Planting Seeds

Women Planting Seeds was founded by Mary Whitney in 2003 and was soon recognized for its new and effective approach used to deal with the worsening problems faced by women leaving incarceration. The organization's success in working with women ex-offenders led to a gradualexpansion in services to include all women (and also men and children) facing challenges and needing to make life transformation.

Mary Whitney, who is certified in 10 areas relevant to dealing and assisting women and women ex-offenders, brings her unique style to bear in both single and group forums. She has personally facilitated over 1500 hours of group and individual trainings that has assisted both community organizations and government agencies as well as helped women to develop and maintain positive life experiences. As a consultant, author and dynamic speaker, Mary Whitney has conducted successful presentations and valuable trainings on behalf of non-profit organizations, community churches, correctional facilities, battered women's shelters and area universities.

She can be contacted via cell phone at

(612) 558-5721 or via email at: sunny@pressenter.com.

Awards & Recognition

Spirit of Peace Award through the Conflict Resolution Center in 2010

The 2010 Governor's Best Practice
and Faith Based Initiative Award

The 2010 Presidential Volunteer Lifetime Achievement Award